The Process

Management and Governance
Document review--individual meetings with top managers--recommendations for new structure--implementation through advice to individual managers and team building--follow up.

Leadership skills training for Managing Partners, Executive Committee Members, Executive Directors, and Practice Group Managers.        

Assessment interviews with super ordinates, peers, and direct reports--individual meetings with coachee weekly to examine concrete interactions with other key role players--identification of basic problems in role performance--learning of new behaviors--periodic follow up.

Facilitating Retreats on Compensation, Strategic Business
Planning and Other Firm Issues

Interviews with individual partners--identification of themes--presentation to partners at large--facilitate discussion in break out groups and plenary--identification of needed action steps--follow up.

Establishing and Improving Mentoring Programs
Workshop for associates and for partners--consult with Mentoring Partner or Committee on structuring the mentor program-- evaluation of mentors--awards for outstanding performance--coaching for underachievers.

Resolving Interpersonal Conflict
Individual interviews with problematic role players and those in key role relationships with them--identification of structural bases of conflict--recommendations for structural change--follow up.

Hourly and per day fees are usually set at a level comparable to that charged by senior firm partners. Expense fees are generally small. Fixed project fees are also available. Travel time and administrative charges are minimal.

Reduced rates may be available for non-profit organizations.